Steindl-Collection @ WU

In 2014, Wilfried Altzinger (WU) who was in charge of Kurt W. Rothschild’s academic library and manuscripts, and Alois Guger (WIFO), the heir of Josef Steindl’s research library, manuscripts, notes and letters, assigned the scientific inheritance of these two great Austrian economists to the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. In return, the University Library agreed to file the objects, administer and present them in a separate room to make them available for interested scholars.

Users can find the Steindl Collection on the WU-website

Alternatively, users can access digitized documents directly via the Digital Collections website

Likewise, direct access to the personal library of Josef Steindl is provided by the WU catalogue

An opening event on the 29th October, 2018, marked the launching of the Digital Collections website with the estate material of Josef Steindl and Kurt Rothschild. The digitization project was supported by the Anniversary Fund of the Austrian National Bank and by the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Klick here for the photos of the opening evening.

On 21th October, 2014 – the 100th Anniversary of Kurt W. Rothschild‘s birthday – the “Special Collection of Kurt W. Rothschild and Josef Steindl” was inaugurated by Rector Christoph Badelt, Department Chair Ingrid Kubin, Wilfried Altzinger, Alois Guger und Michael Katzmayr (WU Library).

An extensive photo-optical documentation of the opening ceremony you can find here.