Unpublished Manuscripts

1937,  ‘Rationalität und Irrationalität in der Wirtschaft’ (‚Rationality and Irrationality in Economics’), Oktober (Manus in Library)

1973,  ‚Notes on Social Science Policy’, April (Manus&Scan in Library)

1973,  ‚Note on the Fragmentation of Disciplines‘, April (Manus&Scan in Library)

1974,  ‘Technical Progress, Distribution and Growth’, Lecture at a Seminar on Technical Progress and Economic Theory, Camping May 26-30

1974, ‘Prozesse der Überwälzung und Nachziehung bei Preisen und Löhnen (Inflation) (Internes Arbeitspapier) (Manus&Scan in Library)

1975,  ‘Income Distribution Line of Reasoning’

1982,  ‘Success or Failure of Tight Policy against Inflation’

1984,  ‘Accumulation and Technology’, published in Spanish

1989,  ‘Zum Thema Prognose’ (‚On Forecasting’)

1991,  ‘The Economics of Transition’

1990,  ‘The Sudden Contact between two Separate Worlds’ paper presented at the Conference of the Kreisky Commission1993 and the Swedish Embassy in Vienna, May 17-18

‘Kalecki’s Pure Business Cycle and the Trend’

‘Government Debt and Inflation: Stumbling-Blocks in the Way of Keynesian Full Employment Policy’

‚Kapitalismus ohne Arbeitslosigkeit?’ (‚Capitalism without Unemployment’) (Manus&Scan in Library)

‘Das Modelldenken in der Wirtschaftspolitik’ (‚Model Reasoning in Economic Policy’)

‘A Policy Consensus. The Austrian Experience’

‘Technologiepolitik und Investitionförderung’ (‘Technology Policy and Promoting Investment’)

‘Comment on the Paper by A. Bhaduri and E. Matzner’

Österreichische Wirtschaft nach dem Krieg: ‘Lenkung von außen’ (‚The Austrian Economy After the War: Control from Outside’)

‚The Economics of Risk and Uncertainty’ Seven Lectures

‚Technik und Produktivität: Bemerkungen zum Produktivitätsproblem in Österreich’ (‚Technology and Productivity: Remarks on the Productivity Problem in Austria’)

‚Trend – Problem’ (‘The Problem of Trend’)

‚Policies of Stimulating Private Investment’ (Manus in Library)

‘What is New Since Keynes?’ (Manus in Library)

‘Policy Implications of the Surplus Approach’

‘Stagnation Theory in the Light of Recent History’ (Manus in Library)

‘Allometric Growth of Income and Wealth’ (hand-written manuscript)

‘The Distribution of Wealth under a Progressive Estate Tax’ (hand-written manuscript), a sequel to his ‘The Distribution of Wealth After a Model of Wold and Whittle’, 1972, revised and rewritten 1990

‘Skew Distributions in Several Dimensions’ (hand-written manuscript)

‘A Stochastic Model of Growth of the Firm in Two Dimensions’ (hand-written manuscript), an attempt to work out a birth and death process model in two dimensions for the firm’s growth. Starting point Chapter IV of “Random Processes..”


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